Since I last wrote, the seasons have changed…warm summer sunshine has replaced the harsh winter wind. Holidays and birthdays have been celebrated. Friendships and relationships have grown and diminished. Tears have fallen. Those tears have been replaced with laughs that have been shared with old friends and new friends. I guess this means what they say is true…life goes on.

Life does go on–and it has. Today, July 10, 2015, Mama P is having chemo #10. She’s feeling pretty good and looking extra beautiful, if I do say so myself:)


Today brought us great news. Chemo is working. Her tumor markers continue to drop and her most recent scan shows that the mass that was off of her pancreas is almost non existent. This morning, we met with her oncologist and the plan is to have two more rounds of chemo over the next month and a half and then start maintenance herceptin while her body prepares for surgery. This is truly fantastic news. There have been many ups and downs during this journey and we weren’t even sure if surgery was going to be an option. No one is sure exactly what the procedure will entail, but it will probably include opening her up and removing any of the cancer that is left (and can be safely removed) and reversing her ileostomy which will, fingers crossed, set her up to get life back on the right and good track.

I am over-joyed with the progress my mom is making, but I’m still super pissed at this disease. It’s left her fatigued and worn down, scarred and bruised. It’s taken toll on her and everyone that is along for the ride. I’m extra super pissed at cancer for my dear friend Jessi Marsh (check out her blog it’s awesome!), who just last night, got confirmation that her cancer is back and that she will have to fight the good fight once again. Please send all of the peace and postivity you can muster in her direction, friends. She’s an amazing soul with great faith and a wonder woman attitude, but we could all use a little help sometimes.

Jessi, my sister, I hope that you can find hope in the progress that my mom is making and follow in the footsteps of all of the amazing cancer survivors that have paved the way for us. I know this isn’t the news that you wanted, but life WILL go on and you WILL kick cancer’s ass with grace and strength again. Lots of love xo.