Long time no blog. Sorry, friends. I’m here with an update!

Mom rocked chemo #4 today. Rocked it hard. And was even up for soup, salad, breadsticks and a little bit of wine afterwards.


Photos are great. They capture moments. Freeze time. Seize memories. They allow us to look back and reflect on where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished, and celebrate little slices of life that have shaped and lead us to where we are today. I take a photo of my mom at every treatment. Looking back at those moments captured, I see the journey that we’re on and the progress that she’s made. It makes me hopeful. I can see more strength and life in her eyes with each shot. Today, I looked at my mother and saw more of the “old” her than I’ve seen in a long time. The Jule that didn’t have cancer. I saw color in her cheeks and energy in her steps. I see her fighting and getting better. And that looks damn good.

Speaking of memories, Mom celebrated her 60th birthday earlier this month. 60 glorious years filled with lots of life, countless friendships, lessons learned and memories shared. As part of the celebration, we asked friends, family and colleagues to share a few words, capturing some of the many reasons she is such a special lady and why she is loved by so many. I’ve got to tell you–reading the words that people wrote was truly heartwarming. So many people think so highly of my mother. She’s touched and impacted so many lives in so many ways. I’m certainly proud to be her daughter each and every single day. But as I read those messages, I felt something more than pride. I felt admiration, hopefulness, fullness, warmth–I guess “love” is really the only word in the English language that can come close to encompassing and describing it. Thanks to all who contributed and shared personal notes and memories–you helped to make 60 extra special. And if anyone deserves extra special, it’s Jule.

On the medical front: we’re continually making progress. We don’t have tests or scans to prove it just yet–but all signs say that she’s responding to chemo and that the tumor is shrinking! Tumor markers are down, pain is under control, appetite is good, spirits are high and she is having more good days than bad. I hope to report back with more good news and next steps very soon:)

Until then, keep the positive vibes and prayers coming, friends! Mom sends her love and gratitude to everyone❤️