Lots of people ask me if I ever wonder “why me?” Most of the time, I think that question comes from a sympathetic and empathetic viewpoint. And although it’s unintentional, the question “why me?” is laced with underlying negativity. Sort of implying that my situation is kinda shitty and that it sucks that these are the cards that I’ve been dealt. Sort of like, wtf, cancer? Leave that chick the hell alone.

I guess that is one way to look at it.

For me, I’ve truthfully never really dwelled on that question. I don’t see the point. I guess I’ve just made peace with the situation and kept faith that someday this will all make sense to me…

A few days ago, an old childhood friend that I probably haven’t spoken to in at least 10 years reached out to me and shared a personal story about her daughter. One that I would now like to share with you all, too. ┬áIt brought tears to my eyes and reminded me that if I ever do find myself wondering “why?” this is it. This is why I’m in this situation.

Here is the story of her little girl, Melody, who is now a healthy and beautiful 9 year old,

at birth she was 1lb 10 oz as a result her head had to be shaved on several occasions and until she saw your photos she was extremely ashamed. Long story short she has given her jet ski money to add to the cause as well as my hair (locks of love) thanks ppl like you bring out the best in ppl like us. She says I can put her “bad” photos in frames again because she does look like a princess. She died 3 times and had a 0% chance of a normal life. Like her I recall that you are a tough little gal and god has put you in this situation so that you can defy all odds. I wish you the best and thank you for helping my sweet little girl to accept herself for who she is. You were in her prayers tonight and god will sent u a kiss from her. Sorry to bother you but nearly 10 yrs later and she is finally able to begin to understand what her beginning was like without shame…..huge milestone.”

Wow! Right?!? What a special little lady!

Melody and Renee–you have no idea the depth of how you’ve touched my heart with this story. I’m sending lots of peace and love your way!