It’s been entirely too long. I know. My apologies go out to those of you who are going through Sweet T withdrawal. Life is tough without me, eh? Good thing my docs have been busy whipping me into tip top shape getting me ready to live a long, full, healthy life so y’all will never have to experience that.

So what’s dilly? Welllll…I finished chemo 5 weeks ago today (the crowd erupts with excitement) and will be starting my last leg of treatment–radiation–this week or next. Those are big strides in the cancer world. Unlike chemo, radiation, although inconvenient…shouldn’t be too bad in terms of side effects. The worst part…I’ll have to go into the hospital for treatment every Monday-Friday for the next 6 weeks or so. Sheesh. Good thing I live close. The second worst part–being all marked up for the next 2 months.


Those marks will stay there until treatment is done. Like all of my scars, I have a love/hate relationship with them. I hate that I can’t rock my deep v shirts or show off my perky boobs in my bikini without people looking at me weirdly, or immediately knowing that I am battling cancer. On the other hand, these marks are testament to my strength, my journey and my life and I am trying very hard to rock them with pride.

Anyway…radiation…every day…for the next two months…then I’m done! One more crazy chapter closed! A lot of you have been asking if treatment is working–is my cancer gone? Am I cured? Well, that’s the assumption my doctors and I are working under. Unfortunately, there’s really not a magical test or a scan that can be done at the current time to confirm whether or not my body has been rid of every last cancer cell. That being said…I feel great. And there’s no reason to not believe that I’ve kicked cancer’s ass over and over for the past 5 months and that this radiation will be the knockout punch that puts a final end to her muahahahaaa (that’s my evil laugh).

Speaking of big strides…

  • My hair should start growing back soon. All I have to say is that the day I have eyebrows again is going to be the best day of my life. I may even have a party to celebrate. Until then…I’m going to embrace and enjoy these last couple weeks of being body hair-free. It really has been marvelous.
  • Spike, my port, is being removed. I have to pay homage to Spike…he’s made ease of all of those needle pricks. So–word up, Spike. I won’t miss you, but it sure has been real.
  • I started taking my anti-cancer drug, arimedex. One little magical pill a day will be keeping me cancer free for the rest of my life (annnnd giving me hot-flashes like it’s no ones biznass). I guess that’s an alright compromise HA.
  • I’ll be going back to work, probably part-time, pretty soon. This time away from work and that responsibility has been absolutely amazing. And I’ve enjoyed it in more ways than I will ever be able to explain. BUT like all of these big strides, going back to work symbolizes normalcy–real life–moving forward.

So, until next time, I’ll be keepin’ on keepin’ on…just living and loving life and hopefully inspiring y’all to do the same. Speaking of inspiration…I’ll leave you with this little gem of an interview I did a couple of months back. Please enjoy!

Peace and Love,

Sweet T