I recently downloaded a countdown app on my phone because I have some pretty big milestones slated for the next few months. Plus I really enjoy the constant nudge of anticipation that comes along with a good countdown. Think about it…most memorable, epic events in life are synonymous with some form of a countdown. And in my opinion…if they aren’t already, they should be. Image

The monster milestone, which is rapidly approaching, is…MY LAST CHEMO YAY! Tomorrow morning, Wednesday July 31st at 9:15am sharp you’ll find me at AGH, with bells on, ready to get this shiz over and done with. These last few chemo infusions haven’t been that bad, but it’s been a long, heavy haul…nearly 4 months of treatment. And frankly, I’m over it.

I’m over giving myself shots of blood thinner EVERY DAY…the blue tint of my skin, which started as separate bruises, but now is just one really big bruise covering my entire body below the neck. I’m over having sparse eyebrows and lashes and the “bad hair days” when my arm and finger muscles cramp up from trying and trying to get my scarf tied or put my false eyelashes on. Yesterday I counted and I literally have 16 eyelashes left. I’m over chemo and everything negative that goes along with it. For me, chemo has kind of been like that annoying, obnoxious lingerer you’d like to throat punch pretty much on a daily basis, but you just can’t. In real life, I simply choose to not be around people like that, but chemo is like obsessed with me! She won’t effing leave me alone! So, tomorrow, I’m going to punch chemo in the throat so hard and fast she won’t dare come back around my hood no mo. Like a ninja.

Although I’m not quite finished kicking cancers ass just yet (I still have radiation therapy) August 1, 2013 represents a new chapter for me in this life. Thursday morning, I will wake up feeling strong and accomplished and confident and ready. I will forget about all the annoying days I’ve had with chemo and remember that it’s what is making me healthy again…it’s what is giving me the opportunity to embark on this new chapter and appreciate life like I do.

But I will still throat punch that little biotch:) Cheers to this being my LAST chemo EVER. Peace and love, friends!

-Sweet T

“I want my soul to feel brand new…” -Avetts