I had one heck of a weekend. One speckled with a sampling of all of my favorite things in life…family, old friends, new friends, parties, campfires, Pittsburgh, music, food, laughter and memory making.  And at the foundation of all of those things, I reached an important hurdle…HALF WAY DONE WITH CHEMO! Obviously, it was only appropriate to host a party with lots of food and booze in my backyard to celebrate.  That backyard bbq turned into an entire weekend of pure bliss:)


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I had an extra week off between chemo infusions so I was feeling like superwoman…no nausea, no fatigue, no meds. Ahhh. It was so refreshing to feel normal for a few days. I needed it. It gave me a boost. It reminded me that all of this that I’m going through is temporary. That soon all of this will be part of my beautiful history. That this will be something I went through and got through that made me the person I’ll eventually come out to be on the other end. A better me.

Ok, enough of the goo. Let’s get down to the good stuff the fun stuff the memories. If I were to try to capture all of the wonderful conversations, embraces, giggles and memories that were made this past weekend, we’d all be here for 72 hours. SO I’m going share a few magical moments with you in detail and with some beautiful photos.


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Most of the photos you’ve seen are have been taken by my wonderful and talented pal, Meg.  She has been documenting my journey via beautiful photos since the very beginning. She’s photographed my head shaving party, random happy hours, rally for the cure planning meetings…and now, my very own photo shoot! Saturday morning, I got all dolled up, had my make-up done and we headed to the woods of Washington County for “Sweet T’s Wild Photo Shoot”.  If someone would have told me that one day I would be bald, half naked in the woods, sipping mimosas, allowing someone to take photographs of me, I would have told them to “take a hike cray mofo”.  But it happened and it was an experience, a wonderful one. Thanks for capturing this, Meg. Love you lots:)


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Just a few other highlights from the weekend that I can’t leave out:

1. Watching the night disappear and the sun come up on Saturday morning after hours and hours of laughing, drinking and friendship at my kitchen table with some wonderful ladies.

2. Accidentally crashing my 11th grade prom dates 30th bday party and getting to hang with him and his gang the whole weekend.

3. Spending the entire weekend with my dear friend, my soul sister, KT, who came all the way from Denver to visit.

I don’t mean to brag or anything. Ok, that’s a lie. I absolutely do mean to brag…only because I’m nothing short of thankful for all of the people, places and experiences that this life is giving me. And the best is yet to come!  This time next week, I’ll be at Firefly Music Festival loving life and meeting my boys, my inspiration, The Avett Brothers. YAYAAAAA

Until then…peace,

Sweet T