ImageTypically, copious amounts of booze and sharp objects don’t mesh well. Take these scenarios for example…(these are all true and unaltered stories)

Scenario #1: Spring Break 2005, Panama City

A bottle of wine+no opener=a bunch of drunk college kids desperate for even more booze playing with knives. Luckily no one was hurt. That bad.

Scenario #2: My first head shaving, February 2009

Lessons learned, 1) ensure any needed equipment, including clippers, are fully functional and working properly, 2) don’t trust your mother, after ingesting any amount of alcohol, to know how to use above mentioned equipment, 3) in no situation is a reverse, asymmetrical mohawk a good look.

Scenario #3: Me, in pretty much any circumstance, including cooking, biking, walking, etc.

I trip, cut, run into things on a pretty consistent basis. Even when I’m stone sober. As a generally clumsy person, when you add booze, this is just magnified. This is the point where you all take a few minutes to laugh at my expense and reminisce about the many times I have injured myself. Go ahead. I’ve long ago accepted my accident proneness.

However, on this particular occasion, the combination was in perfect harmony. Last Friday, I hosted a “head shaving party” and invited my gal pals for some good old fashioned fun.  The night was filled with laughter, friendship, food, drinks, new friends, old friends, family, reminiscing…you know, the stuff memories are made from. It was just.absolutely.great.

Party re-cap…ok, go!

Working upon past experience (reference scenario #2),  I made sure that I enlisted professional help with the haircut portion of the night in my wonderful and beautiful friend AND stylist, Brooke (thanks, Brooke for giving me the raddest, hippest pre-chemo hair fall out cut eva). Before we handed it off to the professional, everyone got to chop a chunk of my hair off.  I have to admit, the reality of having drunk people come at your face with scissors is definitely as terrifying as it sounds, but it all worked out and I only got cut once. That’s not a joke…I bled from the ear for 45 minutes. We also busted out our crafty and creative inner hippies (this is mostly accredited to pinterest and it’s ability to make all of us feel like 4-H pros) and tie-dyed scarves for me to rock when all my hair is gone. In addition, there is a video floating around of my mother and aunt having a dance party in my living room. All I have to say is, hey mom and aunt vic…the 80’s called…they want their dance moves back.

They say when life hands you lemons, add tequila and salt. Those are some words to live by if I’ve ever heard them.  Mostly because I happen to love tequila. But also because I have great respect for those who are able to handle difficult situations with grace and a sense of humor. Hardship is undoubtedly part of all of our lives. I’ve learned that you can either let those hard times get the best of you, or you can turn your hardships into happiness. Much love and thanks to my incredible friends and family who joined and supported me in turning this seemingly hard time in my life into a memory that I will nostalgically look back upon and smile hard for the rest of my days.

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