chemo #1 4/10/2013

Yesterday, I had my first round of chemo. Everything went as planned and today, I’m at home in my sweats watching trashy television…it’s almost like I’m on vacation…almost. I do feel a little under the weather and a bit out of it…probably from all the crazy drugs they pumped through me yesterday. On a scale from one to the worst hangover I’ve ever had…I’m probably around a 6…not too bad.

Sick and out of it isn’t the only thing I feel though. Most importantly, I feel so much love, hope and support. All the messages, calls, flowers, gifts, visits…it has reminded me that people are truly kind. It’s heartwarming…no, even more, it’s soul-warming. Thank you for warming my soul.

For today, I leave you all with this…

“If you take of my soul, you can still leave it whole, with the pieces of your own you leave behind.” -The Avett Brothers, Salvation Song

I’m giving out strength, peace, love and courage, you all are filling me right back up.

Sweet T